Functions of Educational Philosophy

Philosophy of education is fundamentally a method of approaching educational experience rather than a body of conclusions. It is the specific method (critical, comprehensive and synthetic) which makes it philosophical. Therefore philosophy of education should perform various functions in the field of education. These functions are discussed below.

  1. To determine the aims of education.
  2. To provide Personal freedom, choice, responsibility.
  3. To determine the role of teacher in the education system.
  4. To harmonize old and new traditions in the field of education.
  5. To select and implement proper educational values.
  6. To determine a proper method of imparting knowledge
  7. To construct a curriculum suited for the nation and the need of the society.
  8. To provide a progressive vision for the educational planners, administrators and educators to achieve educational development.
    • To prepare the young generation to face the challenges of the modern time.
    • To select the nature of discipline in schools.

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