How Not To Be Overwhelmed By The Medical Syllabus

Being a student also means that you get to enjoy the perks of anxiety, stress and overwhelm from time to time among others. I know- because the whole medical curriculum is giving me i-won’t-be-able-to-do-this vibes. And these vibes come from the fact that I have a ton of textbooks to read and study from, other … Read more

Medimagic App Review: The Best 3D Learning App For Medical Students

Hello there, my beautiful friends! I hope you are doing great! In my first year, there were a lot of situations when I felt lost. Like, I had no idea what the teachers were talking about, or what the ligaments of knee joint were, Or what were the steps of ketogenesis… And a lot more. … Read more

Things Medical Students Must Buy For First-Year MBBS

First year of mbbs is a time when we are completely lost. Like, we don’t have even the slightest idea about what is happening unless there is someone to guide us. I still remember my first year- I was totally lost. But slowly with time, we get used to the life in medical college. Still … Read more

The Right Approach To Take Good Medical History

The one thing that separates the profession of being a doctor from other professions is that we deal with people; people with complex emotions, backgrounds, and stories. We interact with them, we listen to them, we observe them, we diagnose and then we treat them. We are people who fix people. With that being said, … Read more

7 Mind-Blowing Tips To Save Money In Medical College!

Learning Medicine in india can be very expensive, especially if you are studying in a private/ deemed college. I know. 🙁 The total MBBS FEE ranges from affordable to spoiled-rich-only in india. So, trying to save some money in medical college can become a priority for a few students. Even if it’s not, a saving … Read more

Weekend Routine Medical Students Should Try This MBBS Semester

Weekend routine medical students should try this MBBS semester Time management is low-key nightmare for medical students like me- it’s very hard to find time for everything and stay productive in medical college. So it’s important for medical students to have a productive weekend routine in college. First of all let me announce the disclaimer- … Read more

How To Study Anatomy In MBBS: Tips For Mastering The Subject

Are you wondering how to study anatomy effectively? Are you struggling with all the new terminology? I still remember my first anatomy lecture. My brain literally was blown to pieces after the session. I was hearing a lot of new words, seeing a lot of new things… And I just didn’t know how to process … Read more