7 Mind-Blowing Tips To Save Money In Medical College!

Learning Medicine in india can be very expensive, especially if you are studying in a private/ deemed college.

I know. 🙁

The total MBBS FEE ranges from affordable to spoiled-rich-only in india.

So, trying to save some money in medical college can become a priority for a few students.

Even if it’s not, a saving mentality is a good trait to have!

And some extra pocket money won’t hurt 😉.

How to save money in Medical college- A guide for Indian medical students

Possible expenses for a medical student

  • Textbooks

Medical textbooks always cost a lot.

You already have a total of 19 subjects to study throughout the MBBS curriculum-

Yeah, we are going to drown in a lot of textbooks 😁.

In my second year, everything cost around ₹10,000. So keep in mind that textbooks are going to be expensive.

  • Notes and stationary
  • Uniform/coats/scrubs
  • Lab Record books
  • Medical equipments

Dissection set, stethoscope, gloves, knee hammer, etc.

  • Hostel/canteen fee

7 ways you can save money in medical college

1. Have a budget

The best way to saving money is to know how much to have.

Then, we’ll be careful about spending it.

Be aware of all the expenses and set aside some money for each. That way, you’ll have an idea about your expenses.

2. Buy all of your textbooks in bulk

Like I said, medical textbooks are pretty expensive.

But most of the bookstores provide a small percentage of discount if you buy all the textbooks in bulk.

Note: certain textbooks like those for Community/ Social medicine are frequently updated, so you have to make sure you are buying the latest edition at the time.

3. Use library for references

You don’t have to buy all the recommended textbooks for all the subjects.

Make good use of your library instead!

4. Reduce snacking

My major expenses are in the food department.

Well, we do have to treat ourselves with good food sometimes, but I have a habit of binge eating during exam times.

Exam season for me is the most expensive time of year. 🥗🍲🍛🥘🥙😋

But now I don’t do that anymore. I really did reduce my stress eating and now that means extra money in my pocket!

5. Eat out less frequently

It’s really fun to hang out with your friends and eat out once in awhile.

If you feel like you do that more frequently, then my advice would be to limit this habit.

But even if you do that often because hostel is too bad or something, try to eat healthy foods instead of greasy, high calorie foods.

Try out a new salad or a healthy smoothie bowl next time!

6. Apply for scholarships

Now this is somewhere our people should focus more on.

There aren’t much scholarships available for medical students in India, but there are a couple of them available.

Here are some useful websites where you can find everything about scholarships for medical students in India:

7. Track your expenses

It is very, very important to track your expenses.

You can do it at the end of every month or so, and keep all of your expenses in check.

You can use a bullet journal like this one from Amazon for expense tracking:

So that’s it my friend! These are the ways that I try to save money I medical college as an MBBS student, but if you have some other creative ideas, make sure to let me know! I’ll be updating this post with your ideas 😇.

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