Easy Time Management Tips For Medical Students

Hi there! Are you new to the medico life? Then the first thing you can’t manage is time. In my first year, I had no idea that time and I were not going to get along well. Months flew past, and I hadn’t even read at least one chapter till the end. It was so … Read more


Aims give direction to action. Aims of education are formulated by keeping in view the needs of the situation. Aims of education can be immediate and ultimate. The ultimate aim of education is identical with the goal of life, which is ‘self realization’, realization of the self in proper. According to Gandhi, “true education should … Read more

Sitting For Long Hours As Students- Should You Worry About Health?

Sitting for long hours is a necessary evil for any student out there- well, despite the health adversities it might pose to your body and mind. So is sitting for long hours that bad for your health? If so, how? How do I stay healthy even with a more sedentary lifestyle? Let me answer some … Read more