How To Become A Morning Person In Medical College

Hello, my friend! How are you doing? I hope all your studies are going great. I’m sure you are here because you want to become a morning person. Actually, it doesn’t even matter if you are a student or not being a morning person is a highly productive, organized mode through which you can achieve personal growth. All you need is the right mindset and the courage to reach your goals.

The health benefits of being a morning person

Waking up early actually gives you enough time for things like having breakfast and work-out.

Having breakfast is very important, I can’t even begin to stress how crucial it is to your health.

It is the fuel for your brain which will help you go through the day as the cheerful, active person you are.

A small work-out/yoga/meditation session gives its best results if done in the morning rather than in the evening.

Because it’s quiet in the mornings, your mind will be able to concentrate and achieve a state of serenity. This will help you focus more on your tasks, and will make life a lot easier.

And trust me, all that unwanted calories in your body will burn fast. Your heart and pancreas will thank you later!

My experience

Getting ready for the day early in the mornings will give you enough time to plan out your day and will save you a lot of time.

I don’t know how this is even possible, but as a morning person, I really feel like I get some extra time in my day. Usually, I’ll be tired by the evening and I go to bed early. So this time in the morning helps me get all my things done, like journaling and scheduling.

I also study during this time. It helps me focus more and I’m able to retrieve the information more easily than the ones I mug up in the evening when I’m tired from the whole day.

Along with these benefits, your sleep-wake cycle will be well aligned with the rhythm of your body. Your body has a rhythm of its own- it’s called the circadian rhythm.

It is maintained by a lot of factors, like your brain’s hypothalamus, certain chemical substances called Melatonin, serotonin, etc.

It’s always good if you listen to your body more. It is a great way to achieve emotional stability by adjusting to your natural rhythm because you won’t feel that grumpy anymore.

Should you become a morning person?

This is to all the night owls out there- you should change from your late-night schedule. If you haven’t noticed already, staying up late at night is actually draining you.

It sucks all the energy out of you and won’t even get the simple stuff done. You would be too busy making out what the reason for all the burnout is, but you will never realize it’s the all-nighters and late coffees.

Here are some helpful steps to become a morning person in college:

1. Prepare your mind

A change in your routine isn’t easy to achieve unless you are prepared for it. So it is very important that you make your mind up for getting up early in the morning.

Think positive, like, ‘I am going to be a better person by doing this, or ‘this change is going to make me productive’.

2. Setting a time to wake up

If you are not a morning person already, then you should tackle this step. Try waking up at least half an hour before your usual wake-up time for a week.

Now continue to wake half an hour early than this time until you reach your desired time. Take at least a week to get comfortable with these early timings. Now that you have reached your preferred time, reward yourself and continue.

Keep in mind not to sleep in on holidays or weekends- it will do harm to your cycle as a whole.

3. Do not snooze!

Get up immediately as the alarm goes off. If you are determined, you can definitely get up. Never jump up from your lying position. Instead, lie onto your side, and slowly rise up. Switch on the lights, and move the covers.

4. Make the bed

It is a small activity that can wake your body and mind up. Besides, a clean bed won’t tempt you to lie down again, and it also boosts your positivity because of the clean, neat look it gives.

5. Drink water

This is a healthy option- both to wake you up, and to stay physically healthy. Fill a cute bottle with water every night and place it beside your bed, so that you can drink water the first thing in the morning. Check out these cute bottles to keep you hydrated!

6. Work out time

Physical activities in the morning are so powerful, my friend. It increases your heart rate, thus ensuring enough blood supply to all parts of your body. It can help burn excess calories and thus will keep you active and alert during the day.

7. Have breakfast

Go on, cook a healthy and tasty breakfast for yourself! Do it as a reward for waking up early and getting your chores done. It will help you stay motivated, that’s for sure!

So, have you decided to be a morning person? Make sure to tell me what feels different after you did!

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