Financial Challenges and Solutions post COVID 19

These are some of the most uncertain times in the global economy. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the COVID 19 a pandemic and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered a lockdown for 3 weeks to safeguard public health. As health care dominates the headlines, you must think through the consequences of this shutdown and what happens thereafter. Once the … Read more

Launching a new Sneed

Today we formally launch a new version of Sneed – not just the site and functionalities, but also a new logo and our commitment to help you find the best workspace always. What’s New in Sneed Design & Functionalities: We have completely revamped the user interface. It’s cleaner, loads faster and takes you right into … Read more

Safety Standards at Workspaces

Safety Norms at Workplaces to combat COVID19 It has been our commitment to provide our users with transparent and actionable information about workplaces. We have now included information about safety measures taken by workplaces to combat the COVID19 pandemic. The Sneed safety badge is based on compliance with the guidelines issued by the Government of India towards … Read more