What is a serviced office space and why to choose one?

If you are a company that wants to focus on the productivity and the work that your company is involved in, without having to bother about the materialistic issues about the space of your company, you might already be aware of what serviced office is.

What is a serviced office space?

 serviced office space is an office space in a building provided by the space provider to the companies who use those office spaces on rent or lease. The areas of the serviced office will be decided according to the demand of the companies, ranging from a room to a floor or even more.

 Who uses serviced office space?

  • Companies need to set up a branch at a location of their choice.
  • Companies who needs a temporary office for a few months or so due to the renovation works or any other factors in their own office.
  • Who needs to build the office space without spending more time and money on the set up of the same.
  • Startup and entrepreneurs who would need a space bigger than the coworking desks to accommodate the team.
  • When the team is moderately large enough to handle a project which requires the close cooperation of the team and meeting with external personas for a period of time.
  • When you try to expand the market presence of your business by having to settle locally to get an exposure of the same before introducing the product.

Why should you choose a serviced office space?

If you are one of those people who need serviced spaces, you must be well aware of the reasons why you choose serviced office spaces above other options for a flexible workspace.

This includes knowing the advantages and the services that you can avail from the serviced office space.

1. Goodbye to long term leases.

When you sign in for normal office space, it comes along with the long agreements and terms and conditions which might even be difficult for you to understand without legal advice. Serviced office spaces spare you with these complications. You can sign in for the time period that you want.

2. Getting  an office with ample facilities

Serviced office spaces provide you with the basic facilities like the basic furnishing, IT works and so on which will help you with the initial hustles that usually you might face. It saves you a lot of cash.

3. No need to worry about that leaking pipe or changing filters!

The space providers have the sole responsibility in maintaining the office in quality in terms of the maintenance and required works that need to be done.

Some spaces have an agreement where the responsibility is shared between the users and the providers.

4. Have access to a new market

The major issue you would have while you try to introduce your product to a new market is to know the real-time feedback while you try to make it happen remotely.

While having an office to let your specialists figure out the way to establish your product in the new market would call for huge investments and commitments, using a serviced office space is the right choice you can have.

5. The array of services you get from serviced office space

A lot of services can be availed from the office spaces like a private meeting room, cabins, a board meeting area, cafeteria, a receptionist, etc for your office along with the floor of space that you are provided with.

Difference between coworking space and serviced office space

There are a lot of lines of ideas that help companies like yours to find a place to work. But, choosing the right one is the key. With the services and ideas behind the serviced office spaces, you might easily confuse it for a coworking space too. Coworking space in Kolkata says the basic idea and the target customer for both are totally different. Knowing the same is highly important to choose the right space for your company.

Coworking space

Serviced space

The open concept of the floor plan which enables users to have more communication with the whole space ColumnMore of like a compartmentalized area that will provide privacy to the area of the space that you are renting out. 2 Value
More options for spacing like “hotdesks”, cabins, etc The serviced space provides more office-like spaces with cabins and amenities for a complete office.  
Coworking spaces provide a more aesthetic, more colorful, modern atmosphere, providing room for collaboration.
PS: No generalizations!
Serviced spaces tend to be more professional more monotonous.
Few serviced spaces may have atmospheres like coworking spaces.
More suited for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers Already established companies who want to quick start a business at a new location use serviced spaces
The meeting rooms will be used by different people based on bookings You can enjoy all the amenities in your space where you will not have to rely on others.
A community manager is usually responsible for maintaining the order and communication The space provider takes care of space maintenance and required facilities
Upgrading is quite easy at coworking space. You can always get more desks and move on. The Space for growth is huge Upgrading and growth is a bit of a pain as the spaces are fixed and leased in prior
Networking can be done in the most efficient way with different opportunities provided by the space owners You have your space limited to your company only, which might become a bit of pressure when it comes to networking.

Serviced office spaces are taking over the market when it comes to the right audience who needs the same. Choosing the right option for you is the most important. Getting an office space is after all a huge investment and commitment!

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