Diphtheria – Respiratory tract infection

Diphtheria is a respiratory tract infection. Agent of infection Corynebacterium diphtheriae Organism features Special features Virulence factors Diphtheria toxin (DT) Mechanism of action ↓ Fragment B binds to host cell receptors ↓ Helps in internalization of fragment A ↓ Fragment A causes ADP ribosylation of elongation factor 2 (EF-2) ↓ EF-2 inhibited ↓ inhibiton of translation (protein sysnthesis) … Read more

Things Medical Students Must Buy For First-Year MBBS

First year of mbbs is a time when we are completely lost. Like, we don’t have even the slightest idea about what is happening unless there is someone to guide us. I still remember my first year- I was totally lost. But slowly with time, we get used to the life in medical college. Still … Read more

Sitting For Long Hours As Students- Should You Worry About Health?

Sitting for long hours is a necessary evil for any student out there- well, despite the health adversities it might pose to your body and mind. So is sitting for long hours that bad for your health? If so, how? How do I stay healthy even with a more sedentary lifestyle? Let me answer some … Read more

The Benefits Of Having A Comfortable Study Space For Yourself

Having a whole study space to yourself might sound like such a silly thing, or an extravagance to you. But if you are very serious about studying, or you are preparing for some badass exams, you need a proper study space. And here are some benefits of having a study space for yourself that’ll help … Read more

How To Study Anatomy In MBBS: Tips For Mastering The Subject

Are you wondering how to study anatomy effectively? Are you struggling with all the new terminology? I still remember my first anatomy lecture. My brain literally was blown to pieces after the session. I was hearing a lot of new words, seeing a lot of new things… And I just didn’t know how to process … Read more

Easy Time Management Tips For Medical Students

Hi there! Are you new to the medico life? Then the first thing you can’t manage is time. In my first year, I had no idea that time and I were not going to get along well. Months flew past, and I hadn’t even read at least one chapter till the end. It was so … Read more

Things To Do When You Are Feeling Burnt Out In Medical College

I’ve just completed my first year in medical college. In just a year, I’ve read huge textbooks, ran around a lot in that white apron, skipped meals, pulled all-nighters… it’s an ideal place to get burnt out. There’s no avoiding it. Therefore we should be prepared for life in medical college. Here are some things … Read more