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Aman Referigeration & Air Conditioning

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Modern Fridge Repair Lg,Samsung,Whirlpool,Godrej Repair Service Center in Chandigarh

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Raju Electrical & Refrigeration

 Booth No. 148, Patel Market, 15D, Sector 15, Chandigarh, 160015

Fridge Repair in Chandigarh

Refrigerator, one of the most valuable home appliances which prevent our food from getting rot and keep it fresh for longer. Almost every home has it and works non-stop to keep the stuff fresh. We take it for granted until it breaks down and needs immediate attention. If the problem persists then call the best refrigerator repair technicians in Chandigarh 

At first, you may think of carrying defective fridge it to the service center or repairing it yourself, but you know how tiresome it is. So a better solution is to call the Expert. Fridges also come in different variants like Single or Double door, Side by Side, Convertible, Direct cool, Top Freezer, Garage, Wine, Bottom Freezer, French Door, Compact, Counter Depth or Built-in and Freezer fewer Refrigerators, our technicians are expert in repairing everything from the washing machine to any other faulty home appliance. Moreover, no matter which brand it is like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Kelvinator or any other brand, get it fixed readily.

If the fridge needs extensive repair, then they will take it to the service center and send it back in working condition. Apart from this, almost every brand offer doorstep repair service provided your refrigerator is yet in guarantee period.

All the experts are qualified and able to repair the damage done. Rather than going out and looking out for the best technician, go for Find in CHD. Get the curated list of best technicians and service centers for fridge repair in Chandigarh. The professionals chosen by us are according to reviews, types of services offered, pricing, time is taken and other skills.

Before calling, understand when to call the technician. Below we listed some of the common refrigerator problems:

Noisy – The fan motor of the fridge is making enough noise; it means it needs replacement.

Leaking – The water from the fridge is leaking or dripping then the gasket needs repair. The water inlet valve of the refrigerator that provides water or ice or makes ice isn’t working properly

Not starting – If you press the switch and freezer doesn’t turn on then the Expert will check its relay capacitor that controls temperature and electronic control board

Warm Fridge – The food and other items are not cold enough. The air damper or diffuser is not able to send cold air back to the fridge

No ice – Ice maker is not making ice. In this case, the tubes, inlet valves or filters may be at fault that is leaking.

Warm Freezer – Temperature control is a significant function of refrigerators.

The problem in Compressor – Both the motor and pimp act as a compressor of the fridge and when it goes out of the function, the fridge doesn’t work correctly. The compressor is responsible for circulating and compressing the coolant. The refrigerator repair technician can repair it quickly. if you are using LG Fridge then you should call LG refrigerator service center in Chandigarh.

Dirty Condenser Coil – Located behind the fridge, when dirt sticks on it then coils are unable to release heat the converted gas to water and freezer doesn’t keep the food cold. Book a trusted fridge repair technician to clean the dirt stuck on condenser coils.

Damaged Thermostat – It is responsible for sending a signal to the capacitor for activating the fridge compressor and initiating the refrigeration cycle. With the damaged or malfunctioned thermostat, the refrigerator will not work correctly. Call the technician to get it replaced immediately.

MCB Tripping – If when you turn on the fridge and MCB trips then first turn off all the home appliances and call the skilled electrician to get the issue fixed.

If your problem is not one of the above, you can still make an appointment and call the Expert at your doorstep. Turn your fridge to an entirely new condition. Moreover, if your fridge is older than 14 years, then it may need replacement and stopped working due to wear and tear. Save yourself from the hassle.

The people of Chandigarh rely on us for any home services.

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