Children Traffic Park Chandigarh – Timings and Know Things To Do

Even after taking the required steps for implementing road safety rules, road accidents are still prevalent in our country. It has become a significant matter of concern for every major city. The number of vehicles on the road are increasing at an alarming rate. Roads are clogged due to heavy traffic, and it has become chaotic to reach anywhere. Even the Emergency, Fire brigade, and Police vehicles are unable to arrive on time.

Entry Fee : Free

Time spend : 1h 30min

Address : Sector 23, Chandigarh 160017

Timing : 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM everyday

Contact number : +91 172 270 0314

Driving License Test is Conducted here

Introduction of Children Traffic Park

There is one way out to get rid of all these issues, i.e., Follow Traffic rules and signs. A good driver is someone who obeys all the rules without posing a risk to someone living in any way. Some people are accustomed to breaking the rules while others are not familiar with it. Every day thousands of people in India die due to road accidents. According to the data, the number of people killed in 2018 was approximately 1,50,785+ and figures are increasing with every passing year.

History Children Traffic Park Chandigarh

To cope with this situation, it has become necessary to make the general public aware of the rules and regulations concerning road safety. It’s better to make the kids ” The Citizens of Tomorrow” aware of rules before they step on the road.

Chandigarh Police has come up with Children’s Traffic Park whose sole purpose is to spread cognizance among kids about road safety in a most playful manner. Developed in 2009 and located in Sector 23A chandigarh and near to Shanti Kunj and Rose Garden, this park features as an ideal archetype of actual road situation.

Structure of Children Traffic Park

Various tracks, roads, bridges, barriers, U-turn, rounds, the road bends, under an overpass, blind alley, two and one-way driving routes, stop signs, parking signs, blinkers, intersections, sharp turns, and other traffic mechanisms has been laid out for the kids to practice driving. Along with this, it also displays signal lights, markings, and signs to let the child understand what every sign means.

Traffic Park Chandigarh has exotic trees, lush green lawns, beautifully laid flower beds, and fragrant gardens. A cemented track that runs alongside is the place where driving training is provided.


Children’s Traffic Park Chandigarh focuses on 3 Es i.e., Enforcement, Engineering, and Education. School-age is the right time to train kids so throughout their life; they will be careful during driving, riding and using roads. Not only the children, but the adults are also welcome here.

Due to an absence of required knowledge, accidents and fatalities occur. Losing lives due to petty reasons like not putting seatbelt, texting while driving, drunk and rash driving, etc. is absurd. A driver is responsible for taking care of the lives of people on the road and himself otherwise road can be the most dangerous place to be.

This place is intended to train as many kids as possible and enrich their learning experience by including various activities. If the young generation is trained, then fewer accidents would happen and roads would be safe for everyone.

Chandigarh Driving License Test

Apart from being a park, here the driving license tests are also conducted for the category of vehicles like 2 and 4 Wheelers. The timings are from 9 AM to 12 PM morning and 2 PM to 4 PM evening Monday to Friday at the same venue.

You can see the candidates lined up in a queue to clear the Traffic Park Driving Test and get a green signal from traffic police. After standing for nearly 4 hours, your turn comes. To sort this issue, Chandigarh Transport opened an online appointment system for the regular driving test. Just go to their Official Website and list yourself. You can even call at their helpline number 1860 180 2067 for any assistance.

This park also researches the causes of road accidents and take immediate steps required to tackle them.

Things to do Children Traffic Park Chandigarh

Mostly the school children can be seen here paying a visit. In June 2018, Chandigarh Traffic Police Wing for the very first-time organized Road Safety Summer Camp. During this, in batches, the trainers taught the kids and made them more aware of road safety. Various activities were also held. Kids also learned about the functioning of CCTV cameras and Challaning Branch installed at Sector 29 traffic lines. At last, the participants were given certificates and mementos.

As of now, the park is deviating from its core objective. Instead, it has become a means of amusement. Commissioner Virendra Singh urged the officials to stick to the purpose and conduct safety-related events from time to time.

You can spend some quality time here with your near dear ones and along with it get the necessary knowledge to ensure road safety.

You can wander around here. Moreover, it’s an ideal location for jogging, taking a stroll, children’s rides, and recreation

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