Safety Standards at Workspaces

Safety Norms at Workplaces to combat COVID19

It has been our commitment to provide our users with transparent and actionable information about workplaces. We have now included information about safety measures taken by workplaces to combat the COVID19 pandemic.

The Sneed safety badge is based on compliance with the guidelines issued by the Government of India towards workplace safety. Our partners assessed their practices against these guidelines and have reported accordingly.

The guidelines required workplaces to ensure the following :

  1. Seating complies with social distancing norms

  2. Use of common areas including cafeteria is staggered to comply with social distancing norms

  3. Thermal scanning, hand wash and sanitizers are made available at all entry and exit points, common areas, and at the workdesk.

  4. Daily sanitization of entire workplace including common areas and points that come in human contact (doorknobs etc) is carried out

  5. List of Hospitals and clinics authorized to treat COVID 19 patients is displayed prominently.

  6. Quarantine area has been earmarked for isolating employees showing symptoms

  7. Communication and training about good hygiene has been taken up

The Sneed safety badge is displayed for all the workplaces that have submitted their information. The digit on the badge indicates the compliance with as many parameters. Information is currently unavailable for workplaces that do not have Sneed safety badge.


Disclaimer: This badge is based on the self-assessment report issued by the workplaces. Sneed has not independently verified this information. Workplaces are solely responsible for complying with the guidelines issued by the Government, which may change frequently. Additional guidelines issued by local Governments are not part of this assessment. Compliance measures are updated when informed by the workplace. Sneed does not undertake any responsibility for non-compliance on the part of the workplace.

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