The Benefits Of Having A Comfortable Study Space For Yourself


Having a whole study space to yourself might sound like such a silly thing, or an extravagance to you.

But if you are very serious about studying, or you are preparing for some badass exams, you need a proper study space.

And here are some benefits of having a study space for yourself that’ll help you reach your academic goals.

The benefits of a study space for a student

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Less distractions = increased productivity

A distraction free study area is ideal for a productive study session.

And it also helps you stay focused, because you already made this space for a specific purpose for yourself.

This vision will help you focus more on the tasks at hand and the study space will provide the apt atmosphere to complete them.

Customizable to your wishes

The benefit of making a study space that’s yours is that you can customize it any way you want.

Say, if your chosen study area is kitchen or the dining table, you won’t be able to make changs to it, because these are common areas for everyone who live with you.

(Unless you are living alone)


Even if you live alone, if you have a fixed space for studying, it will be a lot more functional than using the kitchen or the bed as your study space.

Making changes to this space as suitable to your goals can really boost that study experience to more satisfying levels.

Sets the right mindset and mood

A fixed area for studying, that can be adjusted in appearance and function according to your mood and the goals, can really set the mood for putting in effort.

The fact that you decided to set an area aside for a study space alone is the evidence that you are in the right mindset and you are willing to work hard.

(of course, if you find that you donot need a separate space, then that’s okay too. I hope the above sentence did not offend you in any way 🙂 )

Doing all your academic works in the same place everyday will register in your brain, and everytime you sit at that place, your brain will be reminded of the same.

And you will be in the mood to study before you even know it.

Keeps up the motivation

Setting up a study area, spending your study hours in the same area, and getting all your work done there are small satisfying bits of tasks, and this will help keep your motivation up.

And when you start seeing all your hard work pay off, you’ll be more motivated to keep up the streak and this study space will play a key role in that.

So having a study space can really help you reach your goals and keep you motivated.


Helps to make studying a habit

The one problem that all students face, including myself is, making a habit of studying.

We mostly try to study right before exams only, which is a satan, and we all know why.

I don’t want another student to pull continuous all-nighters just during the exam season.

You will only to get burnt out and demotivated.

I want all of you to make studying a habit, just like excercising everyday, so that you can achieve your academic dreams.

Having a study space and spending time there everyday helps your brain associate that place to studying.

So everytime you are at your study space you will be automatically conditioned for studies.

Thus you can make studying your habit; not a chore.

So that’s it guys! It was what i felt like telling you about having a study space all to yourself!

In the coming posts, I’ll be talking about creating the most productive, comfortable study space that can transform your study experience!

Stay tuned 🙂

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