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Office Space in Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is famously called the “City of Lakes.” It is called so because it has many natural as well as man-made lakes. Bhopal also takes pride in being one of the greenest cities in the Indian sub-continent. The city became famous after the Bhopal disaster popularly called the “Bhopal Gas Tragedy” where in Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL), a pesticide manufacturing plant, leaked a mixture of deadly gases composed of maximum quantities of methyl isocyanate. This disaster is named as one of the worst industrial disasters in the history of the world. The Bhopal disaster continues to be a part of the socio-political debate till date. It also poses logistical challenge for the people living in Bhopal.

Bhopal’s main cultural center is Bharat Bhavan, it plays host to many theatre and film festivals every year. Diwali and Eid are the two major festivals that are celebrated here. Ganesh puja and Navratra are also celebrated here with great pomp. Bhopal boasts of being a secular city by nature and people of all communities live in harmony with each other.

The major industries in Bhopal are electrical goods, cotton, jewellery, medicinal and chemicals. Other industries include flour and cotton milling, painting and cloth weaving, as well as making sporting equipment, matches and sealing wax. Handicrafts such as zardozi work and batua (a small string purse) making are some of the products of this city. Bhopal is also home to the Bhaskar Group (DB Corp), named after its major publication Dainik Bhaskar. It is a ₹17 billion business conglomerate with strong media presence. Apart from this, BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India, has a unit in the eastern part of Bhopal. It also maintains a suburb named after it. Majority of the residents of the BHEL Suburb are employed in this unit.

Bhopal is very well connected to other Indian cities by ways of rail, roads and air. Traveling within the city too is easy with a well-functioning public transportation system.

After being selected as one of the top 20 cities to be developed as a smart city Bhopal is witnessing a flood of new ideas, people and industries. Bhopal residents have traditionally engaged in large retail businesses and hence, it is essentially made up of people belonging to the business community. For a business to expand and take shape a nurturing and positive environment is of utmost importance. It is only with people interaction that there is an exchange of ideas and a person’s network strengthens.

Shared office spaces are a good idea in this regard as being surrounded by like-minded and goal oriented and intelligent people leads to an increase in one’s own productivity and creativity. Taking an office space on rent in Bhopal might be a good idea as one is not bound by any long-term legal contracts and the entire experience of setting up an office is very easy and without hiccups. Setting up base at coworking spaces in Bhopal may lead you to meet investors, build some valuable contacts and introduce you to prospective clients. Commercial spaces on rent also give you the flexibility to expand as and when your team grows in number. Contemporary office spaces on rent have facilities like training rooms, conference rooms, open desks, meeting rooms and private cabins which are ready to use with all the amenities that are available in a smooth functioning office. All this at reasonable costs makes for a practicable option for big corporates and new business entrants alike.

Here are some hotspots in Bhopal

Maharana Pratap Nagar

Is a large locality in Bhopal. It is easily accessible by public transport. It houses many cinema halls and shopping destinations. It also has a great number of restaurants and hotels.

BHEL Township

This township developed after BHEL started its operations here. It is spread over an area of around 20 km2 and provides many facilities like parks, community halls, library, shopping centers, banks, schools etc.

Malviya Nagar

This locality boasts of the New Vidhan Sauda, Raj Bhavan and Birla Mandir as its occupants. A great many banks and important government buildings too are situated here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best localities to set up an office in Bhopal?

Below table represents per seat price at coworking spaces at best localities in Bhopal:

Top Localities Desk Price per month
Coworking space in Maharana Pratap Nagar INR 3400 to 5500
Coworking space in Arera Colony INR 3500 to 5000
Coworking space in Govindapura INR 3500 to 5500
Coworking space in Indrapuri INR 3500 to 5500
Coworking space in Janki Nagar INR 3500 to 6000
Coworking space in Mp Nagar INR 3500 to 5500

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