Easy Time Management Tips For Medical Students

Hi there! Are you new to the medico life?

Then the first thing you can’t manage is time. In my first year, I had no idea that time and I were not going to get along well.

Months flew past, and I hadn’t even read at least one chapter till the end. It was so frustrating guys! It was like someone was taking the time out of my day and burning it like waste paper. Not even the ashes left.

We have a very tight schedule at college. Classes start at 8 am, end at 4 in the evening with only an hour for the lunch break. And by the time I had some tea, some college thing will pop up, leaving me drowsy and empty by 8.

The curriculum apparently doesn’t know this, and staying up real late was the only way to get things done.

Which starts a vicious cycle of sleepy daytimes and sleepless nights.

But we can prevent it guys! Here are some tips I want to share that’ll help you save time.

1. Write down everything you have to do in advance


I know this is something everyone says, but it is lifesaving. Trust me guys, writing down every task will make us actually do it.

It also helps us plan effectively for the day, that way we won’t feel shorthanded for time. It was one of my friend’s suggestions that I do this, and she made me write down the topics I had to study, and plan for a full week ahead.

That one week felt SOOO good. Now I do it every day.

If you are looking for a great app to plan ahead and be productive, here’s my best recommendation: TickTick.

I have been using the TickTick app for the last few months, and it’s a game-changer. It has a lot of options like monthly view, daily view, arranging the tasks, creating multiple subtasks, and everything a student needs to organize the day.

It comes with a Pomodoro timer, which has helped me a lot, and a habit option that will help you develop new habits.

And all of these without the premium version! In addition, the app is available on the web, also compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.


2. Break down the tasks into little chunks

Do you have a large assignment due? Or a big test coming up? Yeah, we all feel overwhelmed by these things.

In most cases, our tendency is to procrastinate doing it until the last night, and then wondering how easy it would’ve been to complete it before. It’s me all the time. Or was until recently.

So I found a solution to get overwhelming tasks done- I broke them down into small chunks.

It’s easy, let’s say a test is coming up. Be certain what the topic is. Now break it down like, ‘I’ll read x pages per day’ or ‘one subtopic per day’ until the exam. Works pretty great for me. 😉

I’ve made a free Weekly Planner for Medical students with which you can plan out all your subjects and topics to study for the week. Snag it here!

Study Planner for Medical Students

Free Printable Weekly Planner for Medicos

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3. Start preparing early


After you have broken down the task at hand into little chunks, focus on doing it from day one. It automatically rhymes with starting early.

It will help you from burning out.

And save a lot of time, actually.

Even after doing all the little subtasks a day, you’ll definitely get time for Netflix or YouTube, or any other social media apps.

4. Pay attention to lectures

This is a piece of huge time-saving advice. If you manage to make it through the whole session attentively, then you’ll have less effort in reading the textbook.

Also, note down the points the teacher stresses, because revising these points regularly will help you a lot during the exams.

In case you missed any lectures, go to YouTube! There are thousands of lecture videos to choose from.

Or you can use medical learning app like Medimagic.

5. Stack some healthy snacks in the room


This is very important, people. What kind of a doctor neglects their own health? Make sure you have some food supply in your room (or dorm), so even if you are running late, you get that first bite of the day.

Run an errand on weekends (not frequent, under these situations), buy some fresh fruits, nuts, yogurt, and any other food to your liking. Never stay hungry.

You’ve made it to the end!

Here’s a question for you:

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