Mini Eiffel Tower Chandigarh, Photos, Address, Geri Route

Le Corbusier while planning Chandigarh added essence of French culture everywhere whether it be laying out roads or creating buildings blueprints. Even after the demise of this renown French Architect, this city never let his memories fade away.

There is one such miniature in the city that truly makes us feel as though we are in PARIS.

You will be glad to know ” I am talking about the EIFFEL TOWER REPLICA.

Not actually like the original one but its capable enough of satisfying your desire to go to PARIS.

Eiffel Tower Replica Chandigarh is immensely popular among the youngsters here. With time, it has become an ideal location for flaunting newly bought luxury cars and getting a glimpse of beautiful girls as the college falls nearby.

Images of Mini Eiffel Tower Chandigarh

Location – It is located in the beautiful leisure valley and right in front of the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh, Sector 10.

The height of the tower is approximately 56 feet. It hardly took three months to build this whole miniature. The shape of the tower not precisely resembles the original one. Plates decorate both its floors.

Where the Eiffel tower replica Chandigarh resides, this place is also famous by the GEDI ROUTE. Those who don’t know let us tell, it means where you can wander around riding your vehicles.

It’s one of the best places to visit in Chandigarh to relax and have some fun along. The moment you enter here, you will feel as if you came to France. Not exactly, but you will get a feel of it at least.

The moment you enter the premises, you can see the branded cars lined up perfectly with handsome boys standing beside it.

The ground has hazy green grass with some plants and old structures around also which makes it overall an ideal place to roam around. During the evening, young girls and boys can be seen here together hanging out or just having some fun.

Eiffel Tower in Chandigarh is famous among people of all age groups. While the younger generation is more linked with it. Here often the young lads can be seen flaunting their luxury cars wearing cool embellishments. It has become a kind of ramp area for all youngsters around.

Digging more into its history, Eiffel Tower Chandigarh was built in the year 2010. Every year a three-day long event called Chandigarh Carnival is held here during November.

In 2013, during the same event, the students of Chandigarh College of Architecture organized a function here. This tower was also part of the event and pulled the attention of the audience. The CCA students paid tribute to the famous Bollywood film ” An Evening in Paris” by role-playing here.

From that day till now, everyone who visits Chandigarh never goes without visiting this place once. The Eiffel tower has been immensely popular among the people of Chandigarh and nearby areas.

Do you want to spend some quality time with your near dear ones?

Then visit this place right away and even click scenic shots.

People come here for the walk, jog and taking a stroll. Mostly, here the youngsters can be found celebrating birthdays or merrymaking.

This tower depicts our bond with French culture and the creator of our “CITY BEAUTIFUL.”

We still don’t know why it was built and the exact history behind it. Whatever, it stands tall and is one of the favorite places of Chandigarians to be.

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