Essential Things A Medical Student Needs For College Hostel Life

Yeah, we all double check the list of things to bring to hostel, whether you are just a first-year or a final year.

But did you know that you needed these things?

I bet not.

So, I have assimilated a list of some essential things a medical student needs during college life.

Home or Hostel- I assure you these will help you no matter where you are staying.

And I promise that all of these will help you stay motivated too!

Essential things for medical students

Blue-light Filter glasses

Blue-light is the light generated from the screen of an electronic device. They are actually high-energy waves.

They can have a bad effect on your eyesight in the long run.

It can even disrupt your natural sleep cycle!

So, its best if you have a blue-light filter spec with you.

Check out these cool blue-light filter specs here.

A scheduling App

This is a must, and you probably have one at the very least.

To stay productive an app that can be accessed across all your devices is essential in this era.

For starters, there’s always Google Calender for your rescue.

or you can use TickTick app, the one that I’ve been using for over an year and half.

(that’s the longest I’ve ever stuck to a single productivity app🙃)

Trello too is a great option.

Make sure you have one, and never miss a deadline ever!

Alarm clock

I don’t know why guys, but even though I have a lot of devices at my disposal, I can’t bring myself upto check time on any of them.

I just can’t seem to satisfy my brain with digital clocks.

So I still have an alarm clock on my desk.

And its a cute addition to my room 😁

And I find it more efficient in waking me up in the mornings. The alarm on my mobile just doesn’t do that anymore. (Ahem)

(all because of you, snooze button!)


I probably don’t have to say it’s a life-saver, but it is. 😌


Most of you might have one, I know.

But if you don’t, this is the sign to buy one!

One never knows when power will be out, right?

Bluetooth Headphones

In this case, make sure you have quality items.

Because some good music can do wonders to boost your mood!

I usually use BOAt products, and the sound experience is amazing!

Laptop/ Tab

I wouldn’t call them very essential, but it’s good to have at least either one of them during student life.

I have my Samsung S6 lite tab with me all the time, and I use it solely for academic purposes.

My Anki app, textbooks, notes and ppts are all in one place.

Solely for academic purposes also mean my tab doesn’t have Pinterest, Tumblr or any other social media apps.

It’s a great investment for a medical student, if not an essential.

When I bought my tab, I was confident that it would keep me motivated to study and stay productive, and I’ve been so far.

Plus the digital notes that I try to make are starting to look good!

If you are looking for an affordable tablet, Samsung Tab S6 lite is a better option!

Or you can go ahead and buy a laptop like Microsoft Surface Go, but I suggest going for a basic one from Acer.

I’ve been using my Acer laptop for the last 6 years, and it still works great.

Laptop/ Tab/ Phone stand

These are undoubtedly essentials.

I mean its unavoidable to use laptops or tabs, but in the process, our necks and backs are paying the price.

(And my right arm too 😫)

Getting a stand like one of these can definitely improve your posture and save your neck 😁

Reading pillow

This is something I’ve been eyeing for so long.

I bet they are soft and plushy!

And comfortable too.

It can make reading on your bed a lot more spine- friendly.

Table lamp

Good lighting can work wonders in your life, friend.

It can prevent your eyes from getting exhausted after reading all those mighty books to some extend.

And it can make your relationship with your roommate a smoother one.

No more ‘for the last time, turn the lights off’ screams.

(Not that you’re having any of that😅)

Drinkware – hydros flask/cups/mugs

It’s very important to stay hydrated!

You might be running from one class to another or getting all the records done in one sitting, but never forget to drink enough water.

So keeping a cute bottle or an inspirational Jug near you can actually make you remember the task.

Binders/ Files


I’m a person who loses things.

That too, most of the time.

If you’re in any way like me, you might want some binders or clear covers at your disposal, so you’ll have all your documents or notes in one place.

(Just make sure you don’t forget where you stashed these binders away 😜)

This list can go on and on, you know. But I hope that I’ve included at least some of all the essential things a medical student needs during college life.

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