Best Lawyers in Chandigarh Punjab and Haryana High Court

Advocate Harish Chhabra

 H.No. 419, Sector 38A, Chandigarh, 160036

Mr Avish

 Chamber No. 201, Sector 43, Chandigarh, 160043

Bhuvan Bhall

 #2530, 1, 44C, Sector 50D, Chandigarh, 160047

Deepak Jain Advocate

 #720, Sector 22-A, Chandigarh 160022

Advocate Gursimran Singh Bhatia

 Flat No – 2143/B , Block – 9 , Sector – 63,Chandigarh, 160047

Bipan Ghai

 House No 2118, Sector 15, Chandigarh 160015

Famous Advocates in Chandigarh High Court

A lawyer is no less than a blessing in disguise that hears your problems patiently and takes the required steps to resolve it.

No matter your case belongs to which type, a well-skilled advocate can assist you in the best possible way. He is responsible for representing you in the court and has a thorough understanding of the working of a legal system as well.

Depending upon the situation, he plays a different role. Get legal advice from advocates in Chandigarh because they patiently hear you, give guidance accordingly and considers the instructions about what you want him to do than execute it.

As an advisor, he makes the client understand their legal rights as well as obligations.

As an advocate, he tries his best to maintain the position of the client keeping the rules of an adversary in view.

As a negotiator, he seeks for the outcome that is for the benefit of its clients but also follows the rules of honest dealing along with it.

To get the best outcome, hire the one who is competent, diligent and fast enough.

He is responsible for maintaining communication between both parties and keeps the confidential information private. He makes the ideal use of laws for legal purposes only rather than harassing anyone.

So now before handing over your case to attorney ensure that he is not a jack of all trades.

It’s quite hard to look for the ideal one who can handle your case effectively.

For you, we have covered every category so that no stone left unturned. Be it a criminal case, domestic issues, child custody, alimony, family related issues or anything, get everything sorted here.

Are you going through a separation with your partner?

Has your job ended for wrong allegations?

Are you going to do court marriage or want some NRI legal services?

Have anyone imposed allegations on you related to some crime that you haven’t done?

Don’t fret anymore, Find in CHD has brought to you the list of senior advocates in Chandigarh high court.

List of Senior Advocates in Chandigarh Punjab and Haryana high court

  • Civil Case Lawyers in Chandigarh
  • Criminal Case Lawyers in Chandigarh
  • Corporate lawyers Lawyers in Chandigarh
  • Divorce Lawyers in Chandigarh
  • Advocated for family and Property issues
  • Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh
  • Cyber Advocates in Chandigarh
  • RERA & Property lawyers in Chandigarh

We know only the best will work out, so our list contains only the best lawyers in Chandigarh that patiently focus on every little aspect of your case and help you sort it out.

A significant thing that we considered before selecting them is their qualifications, experience, a way of dealing with an in-depth understanding of making the clients feel satisfied.

Most of the cases are held in Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh where the lawyers fight the case to bring the best favorable outcome for their client.

The reason why there are so many law firms and lawyers in Chandigarh is due to their substantial experience in court, the effective knowledge of the case, deep insights, committed towards clients and a feeling of kindness toward every client and just not running after money only.

Book an appointment now and get good legal advice that will solve your problems.

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