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Find the best coworking space in the price range of Rs.1,500 to Rs.9,000. Book office space in Gomti Nagar, Indira Nagar. Use the filters low to high Price, radial distance, locality, duration, team size with 1 to 50 plus people sitting capacity, co working offers. Also book the meeting room at the shared office space.

Office Space in Lucknow

Lucknow is the capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is India’s eleventh most populous city. Lucknow is a multicultural city and has therefore been an artistic and cultural hub of sorts. Lucknow, Agra and Varanasi form the Uttar Pradesh Heritage Arc, an undertaking by the Uttar Pradesh government to boost tourism in the state. Lucknow has been a witness to many important historical junctures. Mahatma Gandhi, Mohammad Jinnah and Jawaharlal Nehru first met here, during the Indian National Congress session of 1916. The Kakori incident involving Roshan Singh, Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaqullah Khan and others took place in Lucknow. The subsequent Kakori trial too happened here.

Lucknow is home to a multicultural population. People use a variety of dialects and languages here. Although Hindi is the main language of the city, Urdu is also widely spoken. Lucknow is home to the highest Shia-Muslim population in India. Many of the native customs and indigenous traits of Lucknow have become famous throughout India. The nawabi culture made famous by the erstwhile Nawabs of this region lives on even today. The people visiting Lucknow can sense the polite and polished way of speaking that the modern-day Lucknow-ites portray, even today. Lucknow is famous world over for its biryanis, breads and kebabs. Lucknow is also famous for its street food, chaats, kulfi, paan and sweets.

The famous embroidery style called ‘Chikankari’ is native to Lucknow. Zardosi, zari and kamdani too are famous embroidery types of this region. Aeronautics, automotive, machine tools, furniture and distillery chemicals form some of the major industries prevalent here. Lucknow has been ranked a respectable sixth among ten fastest growing job-creating cities of India. Large-scale industry establishments are not many when compared to other cities like Delhi, but the economy of Lucknow is growing with IT, manufacturing and processing and medical industries coming into the foray. Several business-promoting centres like CII and EDII have set up offices at Lucknow. Various IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services and HCL Technologies are setting up campuses at Lucknow. A lavish 100-acre IT city is being planned by the government on the road to Sultanpur. The government has already sought approval for it to be classified as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).This project will also help create a number of jobs in the state. The city’s handicraft sector is huge and is responsible for 60% of the exports from the state. Marble products, jewellery, gemstones, handicrafts, textile, art pieces, silk, leather goods, glass items and software products are the major export products here. Public-private partnership in sectors like that of electric supply, roads, expressways and educational institutions are promoted in Lucknow. The Indian Government has also set aside a considerable amount of money for Lucknow to set-up a textile business cluster in the city.

Lucknow is a dynamic and a vibrant city. A city that inspires needs inspiring workplaces for its citizens and an office space on rent, shared office space and co-working space in Lucknow are the answer. Business centres and coworking spaces provide an engaging environment to professionals like entrepreneurs and people with established businesses alike. Office spaces on rent or commercial spaces on rent prove to be very cost-effective and many office spaces even provide complimentary services. Virtual office space, meeting room and training room on rent are the new trends. Apart from these, open desks, hot desks or a private office are also available for ones use for only a small charge. Coworking spaces are a professional ecosystem and that has its own advantages. Commercial office spaces provide unique and varied facilities at affordable rates.

Here are some hotspots in Lucknow

Gomti Nagar: It is one of the largest upcoming areas of Lucknow, it has both residential as well as commercial establishments. It is home to SEZs, malls, IT parks, universities, business centres, educational institutions and entertainment centres. The office of Reserve Bank of India is situated here. It also houses the National and State headquarters of SONY and Reliance Retail. TCS, BHEL and Indian Oil Corporation also have offices here.

Indira Nagar: This is a residential area In Lucknow. It is the largest colony in Asia. Bhoothnath Temple, one of the oldest temples of Lucknow is situated here. Many of the city’s famous schools and hospitals can be found here.

M.G Road: It is one among the busy roads of Lucknow. It has offices, shopping arcades, pubs, hypermarkets, coffee shops and hotels. It extends from the Lucknow Cantonment to the Old city area making it one of the most prominent roads in Lucknow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best localities to set up an office in Lucknow?

Below table represents per seat price at coworking spaces at best localities in Lucknow:

Top Localities Desk Price per month
Coworking space in Tilak Nagar INR 4000 to 5500
Coworking space in Civil Lines INR 4000 to 8500
Coworking space in lndira Nagar Lucknow INR 4000 to 5000

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