Best Coworking space in Kolkata

Search for the best coworking space in the price range of Rs.1,500 to Rs.13,500. Book shared office space in popular localities like Park Street, Salt Lake, Camac street. To book the best office space include factors like Price, radial distance, locality, team size, co working offers, the theme of coworking, business centre etc.

Office Space in Kolkata

Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, is often referred to as the cultural capital of India owing to its rich ethnic and intellectual heritage. Kolkata is also called the “City of Joy” because of its secular character as it welcomes and celebrates people across all cultures, religions and values. The people here are a happy and content lot who believe in enjoying and celebrating life to the fullest. The city offers a blend of old world charm with modern amenities. Kolkata is a merry mix of Fun, Food and Festivities.

Kolkata is the main business and commercial nerve centre of eastern India. The city was the economic capital of India during the pre-independence era, but it was unable to retain the position largely due to the social, economic and cultural turmoil that it witnessed during independence. Times are now changing, domestic and foreign investors are showing their interest and making investments here. The infrastructure development too, is on a rise and various industrial zones are being recognized and set up.

Kolkata is home to the headquarters of the noted national banks like Allahabad Bank, UCO Bank and United Bank of India. ITC Limited, Coal India Limited, Britannia Industries, Berger Paints, Birla Corporation and CESC Limited. Apart from these several other industries like that of steel mining, jute, heavy industries, food processing, cement and chemicals are located here. B.B.D Bag (formerly called Dalhousie Square) is the central business district in Kolkata and perhaps the oldest. Esplanade to Camac Street including the famous Park Street too, are bustling commercial centres. With the advent of IT industries and newer businesses, areas like Salt Lake Sector V, and New town, Rajarhat are witnessing an industrial boom.

Another thing that makes Kolkata unique is its Adda Sessions or conversation sessions between friends or like-minded people. Perhaps this deeply ingrained characteristic of the city has been the major driving force behind the buoyant growth of coworking spaces in Kolkata. Shared office spaces are a blessing to start-ups, new businesses and big corporate houses as they can accommodate a wide range of team sizes. They offer variegated services like an open desk, hot desk or even a dedicated desk for individuals or organizations with fewer members. For a relatively bigger set up they also have private offices and team cabins. Other facilities like meeting rooms, conference rooms and training rooms are also at one’s disposal.

Coworking, managed spaces are proving to be game changers in Kolkata’s commercial real estate market. Start-ups and companies do not have to go through the hassles of setting up an office as they get a fully functional office at their disposal. Shared office spaces help to save up not only on operational costs but also on money and time that is wasted on acquiring a new office space, furniture, staff et al. If you want to set up an address at the commercially recognized areas in Kolkata, then buying an office space in Park Street for e.g. or renting an office space in Salt Lake could be a time-consuming and monetarily draining process. In such a scenario a coworking space, a meeting room or a business centre could be the answer to all your workspace related queries.

Today, Kolkata is trying hard to break free from its earlier image. The increased availability of Coworking spaces, meeting rooms, business centres and commercial spaces for rent could make Kolkata a tempting destination for setting up a base for small businesses. It could also lead to an increase in the literary events, meet and greets and conferences. Unlike other commercialized cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore the cost of living is relatively low in Kolkata. The Public transportation system is one of the most recognized in the country with everything from trams, taxis, buses to the famous metro rail at one’s disposition. The city is also famous for its food and sweet delicacies. The city has much to offer in ways of entertainment and leisure activities too, art galleries, malls, theatre, nightclubs, museums and more. All this coupled with business centres and commercial spaces on rent make Kolkata the quintessential locale to work in.

Here are some office hotspots in Kolkata

B.B.D Bagh

Formerly called Dalhousie Square. It houses many prominent heritage buildings like the Writers’ Building which is the official office of the Chief Minister of West Bengal, the General Post Office, the Reserve Bank of India, Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Calcutta Stock Exchange. Business houses and offices form the very crux of this area.

Park Street

Fondly known as the “Street that never sleeps”. Park street is home to many of the city’s nightclubs and food joints. It continues to be a recreational zone for people of Kolkata. Despite the notorious image of it being a party zone, it is one of the prime commercial zones in Kolkata because of the large number of commercial spaces, offices and industries that it has to offer.

Camac Street

It is considered the high-street of Kolkata. It has characteristics much like its spirited neighbour i.e. Park Street. It boasts of many commercial establishments, high-end boutiques and restaurants.

Sector V, Salt Lake City

This area has become the go-to place for commercial real estate mongers. It is the ideal place for new businesses and start-ups because, although its potential as a commercial zone has been recognized, it hasn’t been tapped to the fullest. There is ample of virtual office spaces, shared office spaces and commercial space for rent available here.

New town, Rajarhat

This is the new and becoming IT hub of Kolkata. Initiatives are underway to develop this place as a smart green city. It has 10.5 km of Wi-Fi enabled road connectivity, the first of its kind in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best localities to set up an office in Kolkata?

Below table represents per seat price at coworking spaces at best localities in Kolkata:

Top Localities Desk Price per month
Coworking space in Salt Lake Kolkata INR 4000 to 9500
Coworking space in Park Street INR 5000 to 8000
Coworking space in Bhowanipore INR 3800 to 12000
Coworking space in Camac Street INR 4500 to 9500
Coworking space in Rajarhat INR 4000 to 7500

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